Become the Master of Your Wellbeing

Brad Everton, author, psychologist and life coach has condensed over 20 years of professional experience into an innovative 4 week online “done-with-you” course designed to:

– manage stress effectively

– reduce anxiety naturally

– boost confidence

– build resilience

– live a happy life

– master your wellbeing

– maintain your competitive advantage

– get on track and stay on track

– give you the tools to deal with life’s pressures

– fulfill your potential in all the important aspects of your life  (i.e. parenting, health, professional, relationships)

These are just a few benefits the Wellbeing Mastery course can quickly deliver to you.

Because here’s the thing…


Look at these startling statistics:

The Mental Health Foundation study in 2018 found…


of people took up drinking or increased their alchohol intake because of stress


of people said stress causes them to eat excessively or make unhealthy food choices


of people said they also felt depressed or anxious, with 16% reporting self-harm and 32% with suicidal thoughts

And these are just a few of the problems stress leads to.

The fact is, prolonged (and untreated stress) also leads to things like:

  • muscle-tension which can cause recurring headaches, migraines, back-pain, etc

  • respiratory problems including panic attacks

  • cardiovascular issues which lead to hypertension, heart attack and stroke

  • gastrointestinal discomfort and illnesses such as irritable bowel syndrome

  • hormone and mood changes (including reduced libido and menstrual imbalance)

Source: American Psychological Association 2020

That’s why we want to empower you

So You Can Unlock Your Full Potential

(without having to wait for some catostrophic life event to make you take action)

Imagine doing the things that make you FEEL IN CONTROL of your thoughts and emotions

Imagine being able to say “I can manage this…” “I’ve got this…”, “I know what I want…” WITH CONVICTION

Imagine feeling ENERGISED AND MOTIVATED to stay physically fit and healthy

Imagine doing the things that make the key people at work RECOGNISE YOUR STRENGTHS

Imagine being able to EASILY CONNECT with those you care about so you can gain more RESPECT AND LOVE

What Participants Are Saying:

“Thanks to the skills I learned from Brad I’ve been able to stay calm, more relaxed and refocus on the positives in my life, which allowed me to overcome the anxiety and stress I was experiencing. Brad, I can’t thank you enough for how you have empowered me. I am truly grateful.”



Wellbeing Mastery’s purpose is to provide you with tools that will make a dramatic tranformational shift in your outcomes…

With the intention that the idea of going back to your old ways of doing things just won’t even seem possible.

Meet Your Instructor

Brad Everton

Psychologist, Author, Coach

Brad is a registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience.  His career has taken him down many different pathways including:

  • working at the University of Southern Queensland including providing career counselling to staff and students, and taking on the role of Associate Director at the Residential Colleges
  • running his own successful private practice since 2011 where he has been able to support people from all walks of life to get better results
  • writing and publishing a personal development book for other mums and dads to make the parenting journey easier, and
  • creating a range of transformational programs designed specifically to empower people just like you to get the results they want and live their best life

Recognising the huge benefit people were getting from putting his super-simple self-care strategies in place, Brad put this together program to help anyone who wants to create real transformational change in their lives.

What You’ll Get From Wellbeing Mastery?

This value-packed online course includes:

  • 4 weeks of full support
  • 8 modules of life-changing strategies

Plus Bonuses:

  • 4 group Zoom Master Classes
  • Loads of PDF bonuses and easy activities
  • Access to your exclusive Facebook community
Reduce the Effects of Anxiety and Depression
  • See yourself grow effortlessly with your mental and emotional calm and clarity
  • Protect your mental wellbeing to fight off loneliness, anxiety and depression
  • Because self-care is not a 1-size-fits all, we’ll help you design strategies that work best for you to reduce any negative emotions and review how you are going during our weekly masterminds
Feel More Positive More Often
  • Discover your personal power and experience a better level of self-worth
  • Understand yourself and what’s important to you (so you will be more successful integrating the strategies into your life)
  • When you start making your wellbeing a priority, you will feel better about yourself and this will allow you to feel happier and more optimistic
Take Your Career to the Next Level
  • Discover strategies to help you reduce and avoid stress and burnout
  • Find out how to create work-life balance
  • Stand out as a leader in your field
Look and Feel Great
  • Put a plan in place to stay fit and healthy while maintaining social distancing measures
  • Boost your immunity naturally
  • Discover new ideas to improve your overall health and rejuvenate your physical wellbeing
Bring more peace, love and joyful moments into your relationships
  • Clearly define different ways to stay connected and strengthen your relationships
  • Experience a better quality of life
  • You’ll get strategies to connect more effectively and strengthen your bonds with your loved ones

Course Outline

Module 1: An Introduction to Self Care

Discover why self-care is not selfish – but actually crucial to your wellbeing!

In this first module Brad sets the scene by sharing the fundamentals needed to put your personalised self-care plan together for the 4 Big Areas we all need to manage in our adult lives.  Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  • Why self care is important – not just for your wellbeing but those around you too
  • How self care plays a significant role in stress management and your ability to cope
  • Inspirational affirmations to increase your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth
  • How to identify and deal with obstacles that stand in the way of practising self care
  • A simple quiz to evaluate your current wellbeing levels in the important areas of your life
Module 2: The 4 Psychological Desires

Gain a deep understanding of the driving force behind what drives you – The 4 Psychological Desires.  During this module we will delve into concepts to give you deep self growth and enlightenment.  You will learn more about yourself and your “why” which will help you create stronger self care plans and ultimately get better results.  Some of the benefits you will get from this module include:

  • improved self esteem, self worth and self love
  • powerful affirmations to keep you on track and feel positive more often
  • better understanding of your own needs
  • awareness of what’s driving the actions of those around you
  • strength in the most important relationship of all – the relationship with oneself
Module 3: Creating Your Mental Self Care Plan

Practising mental self care isn’t just about keeping things like anxiety and depression at bay (although it is absolutely essential to have if you do suffer from mental health issues).

No, having a mental self care plan is important for every single person because it can be used to:

  • Improve your coping skills (life will throw obstacles and hurdles at you – it’s how you deal with them that matter)
  • Find and sharpen your clarity
  • Become laser focused towards achieving your goals
  • Feel positive more often (every single person has up and down days)
  • Increase your productivity so you can get more done with less effort
  • And much much more

Because the fact is… everything starts with your mind and attitude.  So, it stands to reason that having a mental self care plan is one of the most important things you can ever do for your overall wellbeing.

Module 4: Creating Your Emotional Self Care Plan

Imagine if you had such great emotional wellbeing that you:

  • adapt to change easily
  • deal with life’s challenges more confidently
  • feel a sense of fulfillment with where you are even if you want more
  • respond with resilience when you face the next big challenge in your life
  • feel cool, calm and collected more often than not

By creating your emotional self care plan, you are setting yourself up to feel in control and experience the comfort having these skills brings.

Module 5: Creating Your Physical Self Care Plan

Everyone’s level of physical health and wellness differs depending on their current ability.  Which is why in this module we help you to put together a plan that suits you and your lifestyle to improve and optimise your physical wellbeing for right now.

Here’s what you can expect from this module:

  • concepts to consider what optimal health really looks like
  • simple strategies to help you start getting better results for your physical wellbeing
  • a multitude of ideas you can include in your physical wellbeing plan
  • stories of previous participants and clients you can relate to which will help you make your plan stronger
Module 6: Creating Your Professional Self Care Plan

This is where we help you turn your basic self care plan into an advanced self care plan.  You see, our career and relationships make up such a huge part of our lives that we feel it is essential to include plans to manage your wellbeing in both of those areas.  So, this module helps you make a plan for your professional wellbeing and provides you with ideas to take your career to the next level.  Plus these strategies will also help you reduce and avoid stress and burnout.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s included:

  • Ideas to find more meaning and purpose from your work
  • Ways to create positive workplace relationships
  • How to create work-life balance
  • What every business owner, manager and employee alike should know about the law of compensation
  • 6 reasons why you want to have a plan for your professional wellbeing in place
  • Stories from past participants to demonstrate the value they have found in creating their professional self care plan
  • At least 16 different ideas you can use in your self care plan
Module 7: Creating Your Relationship Self Care Plan

Without a doubt… relationships are the most important part of every single human’s life.

If we have a good relationship with our loved ones, life generally feels good.  If we don’t, then it often affects the other areas of our life too.


If we have positive work relationships, life feels easier.  If we don’t, the stress builds up and can transfer over into our personal life – often causing tension and conflict there too.

That’s why this module will take you through ways to build stronger relationships with those around you so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life.

  • Discover the facts around what causes conflict
  • Find out how to show you care in meaningful ways
  • Come up with ways to build trust in your relationships
  • Create deeper connections with the ones you love
Module 8: Implementation Made Easy

Having knowledge is one thing.  Putting the knowledge to good use is completely different matter (and often the most difficult part of learning new skills).  So, to help you truly become a Wellbeing Master, Brad has created this module to provide you with proven strategies to implement your new skills into your life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • tools to help you decide what to implement first and keep you on track for longer
  • concepts that tie all your learning together to improve your understanding
  • strategies to increase your ability to succeed
  • a comprehensive case study so you can learn from other people’s experiences

Create a Transformational Plan for the Life You Want and Deserve

Relationship with Yourself

Understand what drives you and how to increase your self esteem, self worth and self love

Mental Health

Discover coping skills, sharpen your clarity, achieve your goals more easily and feel incredibly positive about your life

Emotional Resilience

Learn how to effectively deal with change and life’s challenges more confidently and feel cool, calm and collected more often

Physical Fitness

Discover simple strategies to start getting better results for your physical wellbeing so you can look and feel great

Career Direction

Find more meaning and purpose from your work, ways to create positive workplace relationships and how to create work-life balance

Loving Relationships

Create deeper connections with the ones you love, show you care in meaningful ways and build trust with those around you to feel more secure

Bonuses Included!


Each module includes useful and practical downloads to help you take your learning to the next level.

4 Master Classes

To ensure you get the maximum value from your course, you will get 4 weekly Master Classes with expert psychologist Brad Everton

Exclusive Facebook Community

You will be able to stay connected with your new wellbeing community and gain ongoig support to keep your moving on your wellbeing journey

Don’t Wait Any Longer.

Be More Productive, Motivated and Mentally Stronger Starting Today!

We are so confident in the value you’ll get from this program that in the unlikely event you complete the course and feel you didn’t get some new tools, tips or stategies to live a happier and more fulfilled life, we provide a 100% money-back guarantee.

Total Value:  $2160

(12 hours x $180)


Today Only:


You're Saving $1,863


Want to be able to make installments?

4  x  $75 weekly payments using your credit card – Total $297

To take advantage of one of these payment plans, simply click the buton below.

Frequently Asked Questions
How much time will I need to do this course?

There are 2 modules and 1 MasterClass per week.  The modules range from 40 minutes to an hour and the MasterClass is set for 1 hour.  Because you can access your modules online at any time that suits you (and you can stop and start as you like) you can do it in one go or break it up into shorter segments every day.  One busy mum shared how she would watch some of her modules while sitting down to breakfast.

And as other participants have said, “I realised that what you put in is what you get out.”

What if I can't afford the $297 up front?

One of our main goals with this program has been to make it as accessible to people as possible.  And that’s why we have and always will offer payment plan options for those who find the investment amount difficult to manage.

You see, by nature we have a strong desire to help as many people as we can.  So, if you need financial help to get started, all yo have to do is give us a call and we will help you out.

Please note:  the current price is temporary and is likely to increase to $497 in the coming months simply to cover the cost of Brad’s time with the MasterClasses (at this stage the course is significantly less than the cost of his time – $180 x 4 + preparation time = more than $720)

And here’s what one participant said about his investment:

“It was definitely money well spent.  And there are a lot of things in the Wellbeing Mastery program that are going to help me throughout my life.” – Glenn

Will people think there is something wrong with me?

Some of the best outcomes people get from this program is they realise there’s nothing wrong with them and that taking the time to create a plan for your wellbeing is actually the right thing to do.

Here are just a few snippets from other participants to prove it:

“The highlight for me was knowing others are going through similar issues as me, which made me feel better about my situation.” – Will

“The most important thing I got from the course is that I am focusing on how to take proper care of myself… because I always put my family first when it comes to that sort of thing.  But this has allowed me to realise I am just as important as everyone else.” – Glenn

“The big thing that has come out of it for me is it’s okay to think about yourself and it’s not selfish to have a self-care plan.” – Luke

“The sessions with Brad on Fridays after the modules helped greatly and realising that at the end of it all, I’m not really so different from the rest of the world. I’m not strange, crazy or different and I’m not alone.” – Helen

An important thing to note around the stigmas that still remain out there in the public is they can only be broken down by people taking a stand.  So, be courageous.  Take the steps towards what is right for you and when people see how much of a positive effect it’s having on your life, they will want to follow too.

Is this only offered as an online course?

Wellbeing Mastery was initially designed as a full day workshop.  However, with the COVID-19 Pandemic it was decided to make this program available regardless of time or space.

This has allowed the tools, tips and strategies to reach anyone as long as they have an internet connection. 

What this means is we’ve now been able to empower people from all over the world – and that feels great!

I prefer live workshops... should I wait till that's available again?

While the current format for Wellbeing Mastery is called online, the way it is designed makes it so interactive that it is actually as good as (if not better than) a live workshop.

The reasons why are:

  • you have the weekly MasterClass sessions with Brad that make it feel like you’re attending a live workshop
  • with online modules you can watch them any time that suits you
  • the module videos give you more oportunity to really understand the content because you can start, stop, rewind, rewatch, and take as much time on the exercises as you want (many participants have said this is one of the biggest benefits of the online course)
  • you are provided with constant support throughout the 4 weeks with reminder emails, access to your exclusive Facebook community and the ability to contact our friendly team for help
  • the weekly MasterClasses help to keep you moving forward, give you a chance to interact with other participants and get any questions you might have answered

As you can see this online course is no ordinary online course because we go the extra mile to ensure you get as much value from your program as possible.  So, why not join us for the next round?

How is this program better than the government programs or what you can find on Google?

As one participant recently said, “I want to be a better person so I tried reading some self-help books and searching Google for support but there was a lot of rubbish out there.”

More than that, this program takes you through step by step at your own pace.  It also has the weekly Master Classes with Brad to make sure you really understand the concepts and implement what you are learning.

Currently there are no other programs that we know of that include the level of expertise and interaction this course provides.


Emily - Sales Representative

“Wellbeing Mastery is fantastic!  I’ve already recommended it to 2 other people.  I definitely feel a lot clearer.  And I love knowing what drives me and what’s important to me.”

Varsha - Sunshine Coast

“Admittedly, I’m a fairly skeptical person and when a good friend of mine gifted me the Wellbeing Mastery course, I wasn’t sure how much I would get out of it.  But I found the program to be well pitched in terms of being accessible and having enough depth to get good value from it.  It was very clear and credible, which is important to me.  I especially liked the fact that there were weekly actions to take and the weekly sessions to keep me accountable about whether I’d downloaded the work and put the effort in. I really like that part the most.

The major benefit I got from the Wellbeing Mastery course was that I have done more for my wellbeing in the last month than I have ever done before and it’s given me a road map to get me from where I am to where I want to be.”

Judith - Retiree & Toastmaster

“I found this course easy to understand and well put together.  I like that it was an online course because it gave me time to think about each module.  And I really appreicated the added bonus of having a face-to-face Zoom meeting weekly to go over the modules.”

Will - Self-Sufficient

“The Self-Care Mastery program was excellent!  Brad presented the content well and it was easy to understand.  The highlight for me was knowing others are going through similar issues as me, which made me feel better about my situation.”

Carmen - Disability Support Worker

“I love that the Wellbeing Mastery course gives you 1 hour per week to chat with Brad and connect with other people who are wanting the same thing. It’s great because I get to hear their answers and that helps me think about what I feel too.

I really like the fact the course had online videos so I could watch them at any time. That meant I could watch them when I felt focused and comfortable. It also meant I could pause the videos to work on the exercises as long as I wanted.

The Wellbeing Mastery course helped me put a new morning routine in place that makes me feel great for the day. And now I feel much better because I have the clarity of where I am and where I am going – whereas before I was very confused. It’s also given me back my confidence that was stripped away due to a difficult workplace situation. So, I actually feel much more proud of myself now.

I love the course so much that I gifted it to a friend (who loved it too). I have also recommended it to another friend who is going through a very bad time at the moment.

Brad, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me. I am just so very grateful to you and your Wellbeing Mastery course.”

Glenn - FIFO

“I found Wellbeing Mastery really good. When you offered it to me, I was in a spot where I was very stressed.  It actually came at the right time because I was so worried about my wife who had some health issues that landed her in hospital.  It really has helped me to destress and get back on track.  Even my wife has noticed I’m a lot more calm and positive.

Going through the Wellbeing Mastery program been really beneficial and I’ve gotten a lot out of it.  I found the worksheets great tools to use when you feel yourself going off track.  The most important thing I got from the course is that I am focusing on how to take proper care of myself… because I always put my family first when it comes to that sort of thing.  But this has allowed me to realise I am just as important as everyone else.  It was definitely money well spent.  And there are a lot of things in the Wellbeing Mastery program that are going to help me throughout my life.”

Carolyn - Foster Mum

“I found the Wellbeing Mastery program really beneficial.  It is helping me to feel a lot calmer and interact with my kids much better.  There was such a lot of great value in the course and I know how much it can help me to put it into practice.  The thing I liked the most was being able to ask questions to gain deeper understanding during the weekly mastermind meetings with Brad.  I enjoyed the course so much, I would love to keep going over it again and again.”

Luke - Professional Surf Life Saver

“Brad, it was awesome! It’s been one of the best things I’ve done.

A lot of it resonated with me and especially tied in with what I got from your book (On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child).

It just all made sense – especially the KISS principle and gratitude, which really helped me a lot after I lost my parents and was going through the grieving process.

The big thing that has come out of it for me is it’s okay to think about yourself and it’s not selfish to have a self-care plan. This has made me realise that life can be about me. Thanks to all the other participants for jumping on the weekly calls and sharing their experiences. I found it really good.”

Helen - Retiree

“I have struggled a great deal, as many do after a loss to a close family member, with moving forward without guilt, not letting go and the fear of change. Being without the family I put together is hard, but I now have the support links and the available plan to help with that change.

The sessions with Brad on Fridays after the modules helped greatly and realising that at the end of it all, I’m not really so different from the rest of the world. I’m not strange, crazy or different and I’m not alone. The tools that you have provided can be used to transform anything into a productive plan for change. The methodology and the structure of the workshop is brilliant and the way it is structure to work together is perfect, the melding of each module to the next and them the completion with all of the worksheets and tracking system made sense.

Yes, I would recommend to the masses and I have said this in the past… this needs to be out there for others to use, learn and teach others.”

Susan - Accountant

“Before attending the Self-Care Mastery Workshop I was battling a lot of the physical symptoms of stress and burnout because I was struck with health issues and family related grief. I had regular headaches, I didn’t feel like eating breakfast, I was sick in the stomach and I often felt nervous… and as a mum, I was always putting myself last.  Then COVID-19 came along and intensified everything that was going on in my life even more.

Since then, I’ve changed my priorities to make sure I am practicing self-care which has meant all those physical symptoms have disappeared and I am coping so much better every day. In fact, I recently noticed my stress levels were beginning to climb again due to nagging health concerns and a difficult work issue… So, I went back to my strategies and it made all the difference. Thanks to the skills I learned from Brad I’ve been able to stay calm, more relaxed and refocus on the positives in my life, which allowed me to overcome the anxiety and stress I was experiencing.

Brad, I can’t thank you enough for how you have empowered me. I am truly grateful.”

Find Your Balance.

Set Your Goals.

Take A Challenge.

Reward Yourself.

Enrol Now.