Self-Care Resource: How To ‘Take Care Of ME’

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“Thanks to the skills I learned from Brad I’ve been able to stay calm, more relaxed and refocus on the positives in my life, which allowed me to overcome the anxiety and stress I was experiencing. Brad, I can’t thank you enough for how you have empowered me. I am truly grateful.”

Susan, Accountant

“It’s given me a road map to get me from where I am to where I want to be.”


In this free Self-Care Resource, you’ll get back your ‘me time’ and discover:

  • How to raise your self awareness set point around what works and doesn’t work around practising good self-care
  • A simple and unique technique to recognise if you’re on track with your wellbeing.
  • Simple strategies to protect your ‘me time’ and see immediate results by asking one powerful question.
  • How to tap into your wellbeing values – recognise the difference between valuing self-care and prioritising your practise.  This will even help you stay motivated.
  • The mindset of champions: How to stop feeling guilty about practising self-care.  This is an especially big issue for carers!
self-care resource empowering women

Brad Everton
Psychologist and International Author

Why I care about your overall wellbeing

Hi, I’m Brad Everton. As a registered psychologist of over 20 years, published author, life coach, I know how important self-care is for good health and mental wellbeing.  And as a business owner, husband and father to two young boys, I understand the stresses of every day life.

The great thing is…

I’ve gathered many tools, tips and strategies to reduce those stresses and increase resilience.  And my clients tell me that after implementing my simple strategies they feel more energised, more focused and motivated, their relationships improve and they experience less stress.

That’s why I put together this free 5-part self-care video coaching series.  Because I want to help you start taking small but effective steps to making self-care part of your happy and healthy  life.