Wellbeing Mastery

Create an empowering self care plan to find your passion for life again.  This transformational wellbeing course is designed by expert psychologist and international author – Brad Everton. 



Course Instructor

Brad Everton - International Author and Psychologist Brad Everton - International Author and Psychologist Author

Brad is a loving husband and father. He enjoys creating positive memories with Monique and their 2 sons. Brad has been a Psychologist for 20 years, is an International Author, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker and Relationships Expert. Brad's fascination for understanding the mind and how human nature works was what led him to complete his Bachelor of Psychology with Honours degree at James Cook University and to go on to complete his Masters of Psychology degree at the University of Southern Queensland. His passion for empowering people with life skills (including essential self care strategies) is what drives him in his established private psychology practice.

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