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Brad Everton

Psychologist, International Author, Mastery Online Courses Instructor

Helping you develop reach your full potential with Wellbeing Mastery Online Courses

Hi, I’m Brad! For the last 20 years I ‘ve been helping people get the results they want.  And, if I were to sum up my life’s purpose in one word, it would be: empowerment!

My Mastery Online Courses Story

I’ve been a Psychologist for 20 years and because of my strong focus on positive and solution-focused psychology I always do my best to help clients get the new results they want from their lives.

I am also an International Author of the book “On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child” which was born from the many people who wanted solutions to have happier and stronger relationships with their family members.  “On Track Parenting” contains so many of the skills I share with my clients that just aren’t taught formally (including relationship skills, mindset skills and conflict resolution skills) – just with a parenting focus.

I’ve also been an entrepreneur for over 9 years now after having opened my own private practice (Synergy Mind Solutions) on the Sunshine Coast.  Through my practice I have been providing counselling support to people from all walks of life in person, through workshops, and across Australia via tele-health services.

I am also a husband and father to two boys. We have been fortunate enough to live and work as a family on the beautiful Sunshine Coast.  Together we continue to identify areas of great need and then create the life-changing programs and professional development workshops for the general public, school communities, government and non-government organisations that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

How do we know?

Because we get some much great feedback and hear the awesome stories of transformation time and time again.

My Values & Beliefs

Keep It Simple Smart

I truly believe life doesn’t have to be complex – it’s us humans that make it so. That’s why whenever I am providing counselling or training I always aim to make it as easy to understand as possible using simple concepts and analogies people can relate to.

Create Solid Foundations

I believe that just like the strongest and most enduring pyramids, if we put proven strategies in place to create solid foundations in our lives that we can achieve the greatness we want and desire.  That’s the formula I use to help people make real changes in the 4 big areas of their lives – career, relationships, health and finances.

The "On Track" Method

A concept I developed over my years of counselling is the “On Track” Method. Here’s the thing… we all get off track from time to time, but the key thing is how quickly we can get back on track.  And the fact is it’s much easier to get back on track to happier times when you have the right tools, tips and strategies.

Brad Everton's Family

My Credentials

I completed my Bachelor of Psychology with Honours at James Cook University in 2001.  With a passion for performance and positive psychology I went on to complete a Masters of Psychology degree at the University of Southern Queensland in 2005.  My practitioner registration can be found here.




Featured Products

On Track Parenting – The Missing Manual That Should Have Come With Your Child

  • The secret to maintaining open communication which resolves conflict with your kids
  • How to keep your self-control in trying circumstances using the super-effective “flip-switch”
  • How to recover quickly when you hit rock bottom so you can bounce back with energy and vitality
  • 5 rules to form the basis of rock-solid family harmony
  • The most powerful way to boost self-esteem in your kids (it’s not as hard as you think)

Wellbeing Mastery Online Course

  • LIFE SKILLS TO MANAGE YOURSELF – Knowing what makes you feel good and actually doing those things are essential to your overall happiness. Discover ways to improve emotional regulation, easily navigate life’s changes, and just start taking care of yourself before you fall in a big heap of exhaustion.

  • KEEP YOUR RELATIONSHIPS STRONG – No relationship is perfect all the time.  Eventually we all have differences of opinions, beliefs and behaviours.  That’s why it is essential to know how to take care of yourself AND be okay with others taking care of themselves too.  And there is no better or fairer way to make these plans than together.

  • AVOID BURNOUT & STAND OUT AS A LEADER – We all want to be respected for what we do.  And part of gaining that respect is being able to recognise your own strengths and weaknesses as well as consistently developing your skills so you can stand out as a leader without running yourself into the ground.  That’s why having your own personalised plan to stay at the cutting edge and on top of your game is one great way to keep moving ahead.

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