Wellbeing Mastery Digital Retreat and Online Wellness Course

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Congratulations for taking the first step towards being able to effectively manage stress, building self-confidence and more easily overcome life’s challenges.

We look forward to empowering you so you can live the happy and fulfilled life you deserve during your Full Day Digital Wellness Retreat!

Program Overview

Here's What You'll Get From The Wellbeing Mastery Digital Wellness Retreat and Online Self Care Course:


  • A Full Day Live Wellness Retreat facilitated by program creator and psychologist Brad Everton
    • Brad will take you through each of the modules to ensure you have a deep understanding of each module
    • You will be setting yourself up for life because you'll now know how to create a self care plan and how to put it into practise
    • By the end of the digital wellness retreat, you will have a complete advanced self care plan
    • You'll feel calm and enthusiastic about life and your direction
    • And so much more...
  • 8 online modules containing everything you need to put an advanced self care plan together


  • 4 Psychological Desires Worksheet (gain a deep understanding of yourself and what drives you)
  • Self Care Plan Template (the most simple way to put your plan in place so you can refer to and use your strategies quicker and easier)
  • Self Care Habit Tracker (fun tool to make implementation easier to implement and track)
  • PLUS Valuable Bonuses and Great Resources with every module

Each module is a 50-60 minute video that you can play, pause and restart at your own pace.


Week One:

Module 1 - An Introduction to Self-Care (released Sunday)

*The foundation and importance of self-care*

Module 2 - The Four Psychological Desires (released Tuesday)

*Every human being craves these*


Week Two:

Module 3 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Mental Wellbeing (released Sunday)

*Use your mind in the proper manner*

Module 4 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Emotional Wellbeing (released Tuesday)

*Know how to use your emotions correctly*


Week Three:

Module 5 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Physical Wellbeing (released Sunday)

*The psychological tools to stay fit, strong and active*

Module 6 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Professional Wellbeing (released Tuesday)

*Stay on track with your career*


Week Four:

Module 7 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Relationship Wellbeing (released Sunday)

*Take your relationships to the next level*

Module 8 - Let’s Talk Implementation (released Tuesday)

*The stuff we're not taught that makes implementation so easy*


Reasons to get started today:

* You’ll also be getting Brad Everton as your personal self-care mentor to guide you through every module and self care plan

* You will complete both your basic and advanced self-care plans (it’s not as hard as you think with the right guidance and will be so much easier when Brad shares the wellbeing triggers to complete each plan)

* If you don’t have a professional wellbeing plan (career plan) and a relationship wellbeing plan (most people don't - including couples), these are included in this training and now is the time to put them into practise

* You will have a much greater relationship with yourself and a deeper understanding of yourself after completing this course

* Even if you have a current self-care plan, the digital wellbeing retreat (and module eight) will teach you simple and proven strategies to put your plan into action so you can live your best life (one participant said, "OMG I was so inspired by the implementation module." - Jacinta)

* People who have attended our previous workshops have said it is so much easier to do it as a group (this is where the digital wellness retreat will help).  They also said the group sessions allowed them to bounce ideas, stimulate their thinking and help them understand the concepts better. You also get to ask Brad questions directly to help you move forward so you don't get stuck


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“2020 gave me time to get my life in perspective. It was a chance to redesign and do things better. I know Brad, so I took up his Wellbeing Mastery Course. It reminded me of things I had forgotten and gave me plenty of room to move for better planning and execution in my life. I highly recommend Brad.
Although I do have other life coach friends, I suggest if you are stuck, turn to professionals, as friends don’t always give you the right tools, strategies and advice you really need to propel your life ahead in a strong and consistent manner.
Totally enjoyed this and forgot how much I love learning.👍🙏🥰❤

Entrepreneurial Mum