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Congratulations for taking the step towards transforming your life today with proven psychological strategies shared in a simple way.

Here's What You'll Get From The Wellbeing Mastery Online Course:


  • 8 online modules available for you to access any time that’s convenient to you
  • A full day’s live digital wellbeing retreat


  • 4 Psychological Desires Worksheet
  • Self Care Plans Template
  • Self Care Habit Tracker
  • Other Valuable Bonuses

Each module is a 45-60 minute video that you can play, pause and restart at your own pace.

Here's a Breakdown of the 4 Week Wellbeing Mastery Online Course:

Week One:

Module 1 - An Introduction to Self-Care (Sunday)

Module 2: The Four Psychological Desires (Tuesday)

60 min mastermind call with Brad Everton (Thursday)

Week Two:

Module 3 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Mental Wellbeing

Module 4: Your Self-Care Plan for your Emotional Wellbeing

60 min mastermind call with Brad Everton (Thursday)

Week Three:

Module 5 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Physical Wellbeing

Module 6 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Professional life

60 min mastermind call with Brad Everton (Thursday)

Week Four:

Module 7 - Your Self-Care Plan for your Relationships

Module 8 - Let’s Talk Implementation

60 min mastermind call with Brad Everton (Thursday)


Reasons to get started today:

  • You’ll also be getting Brad Everton as your personal self-care mentor to guide you through every module and self care plan
  • You will complete both your basic and advanced self-care plans (it’s not as hard as you think with the right guidance and will be so much easier when Brad shares the wellbeing triggers to complete each plan)
  • If you find it difficult to know what to put on your plan the wellbeing triggers will definitely help and stimulate your thinking
  • If you don’t have a professional wellbeing plan and a relationship wellbeing plan (which we did not cover today), these will be included in this training
  • You will have a much greater relationship with yourself after completing this course (which was not covered in the 90 min or 30 min presentations)
  • Even if you have a current self-care plan, module eight will teach you how to turn looking after yourself into habitual behaviour
  • People who have attended our previous workshops have said it is so much easier to do it as a group (this is where the weekly mastermind calls will help).  They also said the group sessions allowed them to bounce ideas, stimulate their thinking and help them understand the concepts better. You also get to ask Brad questions directly to help you move forward so you don't get stuck

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